WIPocalypse #9

Oops, I missed a check in! Oh well.

I had a couple of “finishes” in the past couple of weeks. Another Round Robin finish and a bigger piece that I’ve been wanting to finish for awhile!

I had the pleasure of stitching on Jocelyn’s RR this month.

And, on September 4th, I finished Hannah Beeby finally!!! She’s already at the framers in fact! Can’t wait to see the results.

Started March 2008
Finished 9/4/2012
36ct Edinburgh Flax fabric
Thread: Moon Called Sea HDF stitched 1 over 2

WIPocalypse #7

Finished another round of the Round Robin .. and that’s about it!

This is Stephanie’s piece and she designed the layout and made changes to the charts in order to make them fit the way she wanted. It’s absolutely stunning in person.

Wipocalypse #6 Update

Getting in under the gun again. I finished this Round of the RR a few weeks ago, just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. Sophia is going to be doing the beading when she receives her piece back – so the “holes” are where the beads will be located!

And a picture of the whole piece:

That’s it – all the stitching I got done. This week I started the newest RR piece, and I’m hoping to work on Hannah Beeby some more! Till the next check in!

WIPocalypse #5 Update

WOW! Getting this in just under the wire (cut off is tomorrow).

The sad thing is, I haven’t stitched at all this month until yesterday!

I did make progress on Hannah Beeby through 5/5/12, but this is where she sits as of tonight. I’m really hoping to have this done before I go on vacation in July. I’m a little tired of it right now! LOL

And over the long Holiday weekend I got the prettiest piece of fabric from Stephanie!! It’s GORGEOUS! It’s 28ct Jazlyn – Tropical. I’m going to put Nora’s Trick or Treat Fairy on it!

WIPocalypse Update #4

Phew – a little late. But here.

I made some progress on Hannah Beeby. This is as of 4/15/12. I’ve made more progress since then, but that’ll be for another update!

I also completed Round 2 of my Mirabilia Round Robin. This is Tanya’s RR, I stitched June Pearl Fairy:

And what it looks like so far:

I hope to have Hannah Beeby finished by my next Update. I’m also trying to keep myself from starting another new project (a HAED). *sigh*

WIPocalypse Update #2

Time for another Cross Stitch update!

I was fairly productive this last month, though had no finishes. Hopefully will be able to finish a couple this month.

I worked on 3 different pieces this month (2 were new starts).

Hannah Beeby:

Progress as of 1/7/12:

Progress as of 2/7/12:

Moonlit Garden by Blackbird Designs – Started 1/31/12:

Progress as of 2/7/12:

LNH Ornament – He’s a Flake – Started 1/19/12:

Progress as of 2/7/12:

I’ve updated my drop down window with the new additions and updated progress pictures!

Until next month!

WIPocalypse Update #1

As I just signed up for this yesterday, I have no progress to show.

I did create a Category at the Top of my Blog – the drop down will take you to each piece currently in my WIPocalypse rotation. As other pieces are started, a page will be added for it! And each piece will be marked DONE as they are completed!

My original WIPocalypse post can be found here!

Looking forward to making some progress this next month!


I’m going to participate in WIPocalypse this year! It’s a SAL in the stitching community, to works towards getting your WIP pile decreased throughout the year.

I hesitated joining, as my list is not that long really, but was encouraged by Melissa to join, so I did!

I’ll be taking pictures and linking them later today of the current progress on each!

Current WIPS for 2012:
Magnolia Pixie – Mirabilia
Hannah Beeby – Timeless Designs
Mary Wigham
America, Land that we Love
My Lady Quaker

New Starts in 2012:
Moonlit Garden – Blackbird Designs
6 Fat Men – Lizzie Kate
Mirabilia Round Robin (8 rounds) at TWRRB
Letter T – Nora Corbett
LHN Ornie of the Month ornaments (22 total)

You can read more about the 2012 WIPocalypse here.

And here’s the crazy list of participants so far!!

I’ve spent a great deal of time organizing all of my Cross stitch supplies and making lists, etc.

I’m going to spend the time and do the same thing with my scrapbooking supplies. I need to make a list of WIPs there as well, and work to make progress on some of this stuff!