Polished Stone

Let me preface this by saying there are many different ways that people create the Polished Stone Technique. This is the way that I create it – and it’s the method that I taught at a CTMH Convention a few years ago! It’s not that difficult, and in my opinion looks pretty realistic.

If you have questions – let me know. Thanks!


Glossy Cardstock
Colored Re-inker
Metallic Re-inker
91% Isoprophyl Alcohol (You need to make sure it’s the 91%)
Krylon Clear Coat Spray

Step 1:

Drop several drops of the colored re-inker (in this example, Spring Iris) onto the cottonball. You’ll want to hold on to the cottonball with your tweezers, as this can be very messy.

Step 2:

Start “dabbing” the cottonball onto the glossy cardstock. Continue to do this until the paper is pretty much completely covered – you may need to add reinker to your cottonball.

Step 3:

Repeat the previous step with the metallic reinker. The coverage doesn’t need to be as complete as it was with the colored reinker. This is what it will look like:

Step 4:

Repeat Step 2 one more time – this time with a cottonball and the alcohol. As the alcohol begins to react with the metallic reinker, you will start to get the “marbled” look that you are going for. You can continue to play with it a little bit as it starts to dry to try and manipulate it a bit more. Don’t over work it though.

Step 5:

One the piece is completely dry – it could take 20-30 minutes – take it to a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and spray with the Krylon clear coat. This will keep the metallic reinker from rubbing off on anything and everything and seals the final look.

Step 6:

Cut to your specs and make your card!

Have Fun!

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