Weigh In and 2 Month Update!

So, it’s been awhile. Oops! Almost two months exactly in fact. Double oops! But, since I’ve last updated, this happened:

In fact, the 10% just happened this morning!  I received the 25lbs in October some time and the SAS charm last week!  So, I’m on a roll.   My total weight loss (from my highest weight) is 64.4 lbs.

I managed to make it 94 days of straight tracking before I broke my streak.  October was actually an interesting month for me.  I started tracking on July 1st and made it through October 2nd.  During the month of October, I didn’t track or was just so off-program that I didn’t count them for a total of 8 days.  I managed to still lose around 7 lbs in October.  I’ve been back OP since October 28 – today is Day 14.   I’ve been using an app called Goal Tracker (Android) to mark the days as they go by … what I like most is that I can see that for the last 133 days (since July 1st), I’ve tracked and been OP for 125 days.  That’s a 94% success rate, and you really can’t argue with that!

Exercise is still going well.  Doing 3 times a week at the gym and walking 2 times a week (mostly).  When I walk on Saturdays I do a 5K distance.

This week I’m on a business trip and food and exercise will be tough.  My goal is to walk on the treadmill every night for 2 miles at least.  That’ll at least get me some activity.   I’d like to at least come home on Friday with a maintain!  If I can do that, I’ll be quite happy!



Back to Basics: Tracking (+ weigh in!!!)

This weeks Challenge as part of the Back to Basic Challenge is tracking.

Now, I have to say, I’m all over this. Ever since Melissa and I restarted together on July 1st, I’ve tracked. Everything.  Remember not too long ago when I posted about 50 days OP?  Well, today is day 73.

SEVENTY THREE PEOPLE!  That’s huge.  I have tracked the good, the bad and the ugly for 73 days.  And to be honest, there really hasn’t been much ugly.  Sure, there was the birthday party debacle and then of course there was the out of control tapas dinner!  But guess what?  Both days are fully tracked in my tracker and accounted for fully.  Hell, I lost weight after both those events.  In fact, since July 1st I haven’t posted a gain.  One maintain, but no gain.

Tracking works.  Period.  I have gone about my tracking a bit differently this time.  I’ve never been much of an online tracker to be honest.  I’ve stuck with hand written tracking and felt so much better about that method.  But for the first 14 days or so of being back OP it was easier to track on my phone since I was on vacation and not always near a computer or wanted to drag a notebook around.   And honestly, now I prefer my phone.  I do use the online method if I’m at the computer when it’s time to update, but otherwise, I stick with my WW phone app.

One of these weeks I am going to do a paper tracker.  Just to switch it up and keep myself accountable.  It’ll keep my on my toes and let me be able to see the whole week very quickly and easily right in front of my face!

So, Brooke’s challenge this week was the following:

  • Track the good, the bad, & the ugly
  • Set a goal to track more than you are at the moment
  • Find a new way to track if the current way isn’t working
  • Track those bites, licks, & tastes! They add up!

I’m already tracking everything that goes into my mouth, and frankly, my current method is working just dandy for me!  Since there is no way possible for me to track more than I already am … I would say I’ve got this week down pat!!!

I do love this saying that Brooke posted (attributed to her WW Leader):

So true!!!

And finally, a quick update on my latest weigh in!

I weighed Sunday morning again. This will be the last time I go to the Sunday meeting.  At least for now.  I’ll be going back to Monday at 5:30 this coming week.

Anyway, the scale showed me down .08 lbs.  I will admit to being slightly disappointed, but after the losses I’d had the previous few weeks, it’s understandable!!  My official WW total is -19.8.  However, on my home scale a couple of days ago I hit 50 pounds down from my highest weight!!  And that my friends, is pretty damn awesome!  (Yes, the scale was banished, but as long as we stay on good terms I don’t mind having around.  As soon as we start fighting, it’s gone).

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Another Weigh In, a 5K and a Challenge!

Since tomorrow is Labor Day, and the WW Center is closed, I chose to go to WW today and do my weekly weigh in a day shy of one week.  It paid off big time.  Down 4.6 lbs for a total of 19 since July 1st.  That makes a grand total of 45 lbs from my highest weight.

I am just truckin’ right along and completely motivated.  It’s A.MAZING. I really don’t know how to describe what’s happening.  I don’t know why things are clicking for me right now, but they are.  Frankly, I’m not one to question it too much.   I did most things right this week – counted all my points, tracked my food and exercised.   Today is the last day of my official week and through today I’ve earned 55 APs.   I didn’t check all my healthy guidelines everyday.  I ate every single last WPA and 4 of my APs.  But, that’s part of the program and how it works.

I also have to say, I loved weighing in in the morning.  It was a 9am meeting.  If I didn’t love my Monday leader so much, I would switch most likely.  But I do love her.  So for now, I’ll keep going to the Monday meeting – which means I’m going to expect a maintain next week.  I know the scale gave me the benefit of not waiting 8 hours, eating 2 meals and drinking 40-50 oz of water this morning.  That benefit will be gone next week.

In other news, I completed my first 5K this weekend.  It was the Unleash your Inner Wonder Woman Virtual Race and I earned this medal:

 And these are my walk stats:

I got up early and headed out!  Was home by 9am.  It felt pretty good!

And lastly, a Challenge.   Ms. Brooke over at Brooke Not on a Diet is hosting a Weight Watcher Back to Basics Challenge.  You can read more about it here!   While the basics we’re talking about are centered around the Weight Watcher program, you don’t have to be a member to join!  Check it out and join us!  Brooke created a Facebook group to keep us all on track!

Brooke: Not on a Diet

That’s all I got for now!  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Monday!

Weekly Weigh In!

So, I’m back!  It seems like it’s been forever since I posted last … and it has been!  I arrived back home late Friday night.   I couldn’t wait to step on my home scale first thing Saturday morning.  I’d exercised 7 times while in hotels, counted all my points (and stayed within my daily PPV and WPAs) and was really hoping for a loss.

I was .2 HIGHER than the morning I left.   Talk about discouraging.  And it’s ridiculous, because honestly, in the past, I would have come home with a gain.  Folks, I’m not exaggerating when I saw I ate almost 35 meals in restaurants over the course of 13 days.  And while yes, I was within allowable guidelines on WW, if I’m being honest I didn’t get in all my Healthy Guidelines everyday (I did pretty good) and I made some choices that if I had been home I wouldn’t have made (lobster risotto anyone?).

When I texted Melissa she of course told me that because of the airplanes and driving and sodium this was a great outcome!  She assured me the weight loss would come.  I of course heard “blah blah blah” and wanted to eat.   But I listened to her.  I didn’t eat. Sunday the scale jumped down 1.6 lbs and Monday it was down another 2.0 lbs.  I will take that! And be completely pleased.  Melissa was, of course, right.  And I’m glad I didn’t comfort eat.

Monday was also the day that I moved weigh in days and started at the WW Center.  It’s a 5:30pm meeting … which I loathe.  But I like the leader, so that’s the meeting I chose.   When I weighed in that night I wasn’t sure what to expect – I’d eaten 2 meals plus a pre-workout snack, worked out for about 45 minutes right before weigh in and had drank at least 40 oz of water.   I was down 4.8 lbs in the 2 1/2 weeks since my last official weigh in. Hell yes!

That puts me down 14.4 lbs since July 1st and a total of 43.9 lbs from my highest weight ever.  Life is feeling pretty good right now for me!  I’m in a routine, I’m exercising (at the gym and walking on my own) and I feel strong.   I’m seriously thinking about switching to Simply Filling in the next couple of weeks.  I need to do more reading on it though and see if I think it’s realistic for the way I eat or not.  At the very least I’d like to start cutting out some of the processed foods I eat.

More on that, and how I managed to succeed while eating in restaurants and living in a hotel for two weeks next time!

Weekly Recap – No weigh in!

Yesterday was my normal weigh in day, but as I’m on the road, that just didn’t happen.  I won’t be officially weighing in again until Monday August 26th, but I will know how I managed to do on this 13 day road trip next Saturday morning when I step on my scale.

Today is nearing the end of Day 7 of that trip.  Here are some facts:

  • Since last Sunday I’ve eaten 16 meals in restaurants. I’ll be eating approximately 18 more meals in restaurants before I get home next Friday night.
  • I’ve had Starbucks 6 times. (I limit this at home simply for budget reasons).
  • I’ve tracked every day.
  • I’ve gotten my water in.
  • I’m not completely successful on fruits and veggies, but trying.
  • I’ve earned 46 APs in those 7 days.  I’ve exercised 4 times.
  • My step count is at almost 42,000 for those 7 days (though today isn’t over).
  • My average point intake is 55.5 pts per day.  (My target is 51.  The high average can be attributed to dinner earlier this week with friends at a Tapas restaurant.  I very likely counted too high, but figured better safe than sorry).
  • My highest point day was 84 (again, Tapas and maybe a little high).
  • My lowest point day was 49 (3 times).

I’m completely happy with where I’m at so far.  I’ve NEVER done this well when travelling in the past.  I’m meeting my co-worker tomorrow and I’ll be with her for the week.  Luckily she’ll keep my on track for this week so I’m really hoping to come home with a LOSS!

And finally, I updated my WW membership to a Monthly Pass today.  Got a GREAT deal – first month for only $29.95 and $6.00 cash rebates from ebates!!  Hooray for me!


Weekly Weigh In

Wow, it’s been a week since I checked in here. I don’t really have any excuse other than I’ve tried to be more productive in the evenings.  To some extent, I have been.  Plus I’ve been making an effort to go to bed earlier as well.

I am moving at the end of September, and while I’m only moving about 1 mile away from where I am now, it’s no less work than if I was moving across the state.

And to top it all off, I leave for a two week business trip on Sunday.  I’ll be heading to the Boston area, then Nashville and finally to Indiana for a few days.  To say that I’m nervous is an understatement.  Today is Day 41 of my OP streak.  I’m down almost 10 lbs (more on that in a bit).  I’ve never really made an effort to follow Weight Watchers while I’m travelling (for work or otherwise).  But this time will be different.  Efforts will be made.  I will likely be sick to death of Subway and Applebee’s by the time I come home, but that’s OK.  Depending on what other restaurants I come across, I’ll likely branch out more than that, but I know I can eat safely at both of those places.  The hardest part of travel is the mindless eating I tend to do in the hotel room at night.   To combat that I’m going to only buy a package of Fiber One bars (more than one of those in a day and my stomach isn’t happy) and probably a pack of 100 calorie Kettle Korn popcorn for that sweet/salty kick.  And maybe some almonds – my new favorite is Salt & Vinegar.  So, I’ve got a plan, and I like it.

Back to the scale.  I stayed off my home scale all week.  I can’t decide if I like not having the pressure of knowing the number daily, or if it sets me up for bad expectations on the scale at WW.   My hands were extremely swollen Thursday, and still somewhat so on Friday.  Water intake is not an issue.  I drink a minimum of 100 oz a day, if not more.  I just knew, that despite tracking all my points this last week, earning 40+ AP’s and generally feeling good about my week, that I was going to gain this week.

The scale showed me down 1 lb even.  And I’m happy.  And then I’m not.  Which is the stupidest reaction E.V.E.R.   I set myself up for a gain the past two days and when I lose a pound I immediately am disappointed.  I’ve shifted my mood of course since then, but the first thought through my mind was “I’m working so hard for this?”.   And the answer is Yes, of course I am.

I’ve lost 9.6 lbs since July 1st.  I am down 35.6 lbs from my highest weight ever.  Things are moving in the right direction and that’s all that matters.

Since I’m going to be gone for two weeks, I obviously will be sticking to my “no stepping on the scale at home” promise.  However, I am going to step on the scale in the morning before I leave.  Since I’m going to be gone for two weeks, I’m going to want to know where I am before I leave according to my scale so that on the 24th I can step on my scale in the morning and see my progress for the two weeks I was gone.  And then the scale goes back away!

I also will be purchasing a Monthly Pass before next Sunday.  The three month online pass I purchased expires on Saturday.  The last At Work meeting is Friday.  I’m going to need access to eTools.  Even though I won’t use the Monthly Pass that week, I’ll buy it anyway so I have access and I’ll then hit my first center meeting on Monday the 26th.   I had kind of thought about finding a meeting in Indiana, but they are all evening meetings – and with making the transition from At Work to the Center, it might not be that simple as my weight hasn’t been recorded like normal.

Today is cleaning, packing and some baking.  I already made Chocolate/Pumpkin muffins. This post by Kelly reminded me that I had a can of pumpkin and a chocolate cake mix in my cupboard and I’ve been meaning to make these for awhile!  Spice Cake mix is usually my favorite, and after seeing Kelly’s Red Velvet version, I was tempted to go buy one of those, but stuck with the Milk Chocolate mix I had.   It seemed silly to make the whole batch, but my Mom is watching my dogs while I’m away so they’ll be a nice treat for her.  (PS – I get 18 servings from my batch, making them 2 PPV each, or 5 PPV for 2).

I also am trying a new crockpot recipe for dinner.  If it turns out well, I’ll post the recipe later this week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Weigh In

Ahh, another weigh in!

I stayed true to myself (and the deal I made with Melissa)  and stayed off the scale this week.  That makes 10 days straight that I have not stepped on my scale at home.  Other than when I travel, that must be some kind of record.

I was VERY tempted to step on the scale last night.  I had been feeling really good about things.  Eating in control? Check.  Exercise in control? Check.  Clothes feeling good? Check, Check, Check!  So, what was the harm? Then I began to think how I would feel if it didn’t validate my behavior.  Oh, that damn scale validation.  I didn’t drag it out.  I waited for today.  I figured if it was bad news on the scale it could wait 12 more hours.

For those of you on Weight Watchers I’m not sure what your weigh in day routine is but I’m a little, shall we say, neurotic.  Ideally I like to weigh in first thing in the morning.  When I’ve done WW in the past I’ve always gone to the early AM weekend meeting so I can roll out of bed, go to the bathroom and weigh in.   Having an At Work meeting really messes that up. I’m a firm believer in breakfast.  I don’t eat as soon as I get up because food is usually the last thing I want, but I do eat within an hour or two of getting up.   I *hate* eating/drinking before weigh in.  So I don’t.  We can weigh in at 11:30.  Sometimes it’s OK, sometimes I’m hungry.  Today wasn’t a bad day.  The other part of my routine is going to Starbucks at 11:15 to get my drink of choice.  That way, as soon as I weigh in I can have my lovely, lovely drink.  (In an unrelated story, I have cut my Starbucks addiction trips down to once a week – and I chose weigh in day as a treat!).

Anyway, weigh in.  I was the first one there and got on the scale and held my breath! Down 2.8 lbs!  A sigh of relief could be heard!  Our leader asked what I had done different this week and I could honestly say NOTHING.  I counted my points, as I did last week (hell, I even had 12 pts of Birthday cake last Saturday for crying out loud).  I exercised, as I did last week.  The scale owed me this weigh in!!!  And it delivered!

But, I’m still keeping the scale in my closet.  I think it’s just smart.  I get too crazy if I’m weighing often.  I’m neurotic enough as it is, I need no help from the scale. Melissa pointed me towards this blog tonight, and I have to tell you, the post by Mrs. Wong from yesterday has me written all over it. I can so relate.   When I’m on my program, I am ON MY PROGRAM.  Don’t get in my way, don’t preach at me about paleo or low carb, don’t tell me what is wrong about the exercise I’m doing and don’t judge the food I eat – I don’t want to hear it.  I might not know everything, but I’ve been a professional “dieter” (mainly Weight Watchers) for the past 13 years.  I know a lot.  My problem isn’t implementing, but staying the course.   Well,  I’ve implemented and I’ve stayed the course for 33 days now.

I’m on my program, so get out of my way!