Back to Basics: Tracking (+ weigh in!!!)

This weeks Challenge as part of the Back to Basic Challenge is tracking.

Now, I have to say, I’m all over this. Ever since Melissa and I restarted together on July 1st, I’ve tracked. Everything.  Remember not too long ago when I posted about 50 days OP?  Well, today is day 73.

SEVENTY THREE PEOPLE!  That’s huge.  I have tracked the good, the bad and the ugly for 73 days.  And to be honest, there really hasn’t been much ugly.  Sure, there was the birthday party debacle and then of course there was the out of control tapas dinner!  But guess what?  Both days are fully tracked in my tracker and accounted for fully.  Hell, I lost weight after both those events.  In fact, since July 1st I haven’t posted a gain.  One maintain, but no gain.

Tracking works.  Period.  I have gone about my tracking a bit differently this time.  I’ve never been much of an online tracker to be honest.  I’ve stuck with hand written tracking and felt so much better about that method.  But for the first 14 days or so of being back OP it was easier to track on my phone since I was on vacation and not always near a computer or wanted to drag a notebook around.   And honestly, now I prefer my phone.  I do use the online method if I’m at the computer when it’s time to update, but otherwise, I stick with my WW phone app.

One of these weeks I am going to do a paper tracker.  Just to switch it up and keep myself accountable.  It’ll keep my on my toes and let me be able to see the whole week very quickly and easily right in front of my face!

So, Brooke’s challenge this week was the following:

  • Track the good, the bad, & the ugly
  • Set a goal to track more than you are at the moment
  • Find a new way to track if the current way isn’t working
  • Track those bites, licks, & tastes! They add up!

I’m already tracking everything that goes into my mouth, and frankly, my current method is working just dandy for me!  Since there is no way possible for me to track more than I already am … I would say I’ve got this week down pat!!!

I do love this saying that Brooke posted (attributed to her WW Leader):

So true!!!

And finally, a quick update on my latest weigh in!

I weighed Sunday morning again. This will be the last time I go to the Sunday meeting.  At least for now.  I’ll be going back to Monday at 5:30 this coming week.

Anyway, the scale showed me down .08 lbs.  I will admit to being slightly disappointed, but after the losses I’d had the previous few weeks, it’s understandable!!  My official WW total is -19.8.  However, on my home scale a couple of days ago I hit 50 pounds down from my highest weight!!  And that my friends, is pretty damn awesome!  (Yes, the scale was banished, but as long as we stay on good terms I don’t mind having around.  As soon as we start fighting, it’s gone).

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

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