Washington DC (February 2012)

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few hours in Washington DC. It was not nearly enough time, and I didn’t step foot into any museums because of the time constraints, but I’m so glad I spent the time to go anyway! I will definitely be going back here one day!

Some pictures ….


Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Looking down from the Lincoln Memorial, across the Reflecting Pool (under construction) to the Washington Monument!

Washington Monument – Still under rehab from the Earthquake last summer

The Capitol Building – this is taken from the base of the Washington Monument, I didn’t take the time to walk down there.

The White House

I also went to Arlington and spent a couple of hours there. Again, not near enough time. It was extremely humbling and to do it properly, you really should plan an entire day there. The Spring would be gorgeous when the trees are in bloom!

Arlington National Cemetery

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – I stayed and watched the Changing of the Guard ceremony – amazing!

The Eternal Flame – John F. Kennedy’s Grave

Hawai’i Scrapbook – Hanauma Bay

Well – over the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to work on my Hawai’i Scrapbook (you know, from my October 2008 vacation – oops). And guess what? I finally finished it! w00t! To be fair I do still have some journaling to finish on the last 10 or so pages, but I did all my jouraling on the computer for this scrapbook, so I’m just going to have to sit down and take the time to finish all that out!

I realized as I was going through the pictures I took before I left that I thought I had already shared the Luau pictures, but had only actually shared one of those pages. I’ll have to take pictures of those when I get home though!

So for today I’m going to skip to the snorkeling pictures! We went to Hanauma Bay early one morning for snorkeling. Melissa had never been snorkeling before, so we were looking forward to it. While the breeze was up, and it wasn’t the perfect day to snorkel, we still had fun and it was totally worth going to the Preserve!

The pictures aren’t the best, but I was in a hurry! LOL

This is a picture of Melissa! And then some of the fish we saw – it was pretty murky cause of the wind and rougher water.

And finally this last picture when we were leaving. You can see in the top left picture the hill that we walked down to get to the Bay, well, we decided we weren’t walking up it! We took the handy-dandy Tram ride up! Overall it was a great day!

Canada, eh?

The entire month of March for me has been spent in Canada.

My first trip, earlier this month, was back to the same customer I had been with in December. It was a week of follow up training and went well. Of course it was snowy and cold the whole time I was there, but I suppose I should have expected it right? It’s still winter … in Canada!

As I was driving home one night I saw this little area on the side of the road. I had to take a picture. I’m bummed, because of course the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I thought it was so beautiful. There usually isn’t water in that little valley, but it obviously had melted off and flooded and then froze again! So pretty!

I was home for a little over a week after that trip! I worked on the continuing project of organizing my scrapbook room (I’m getting closer!!) and then on the Saturday before I left we had a get together with a bunch of gals and did a card-making exchange and spent the day scrapping and card making! It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we did it – can’t wait to do it again!

This brings me up to my current trip! I’m currently in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Surprise, surprise – it’s cold and snowy here! (That’s why the snow is still on the Blog!) It’s actually supposed to stop snowing though in the next couple of days and warm up to like 9-11 degrees Celcius (that’s 48-52 degrees F … rule of thumb to convert C to F, double it and add 30. It’s not exact, but close enough).

Lethbridge has a lot of history here! They are an old coal mining town and at one time it was the biggest city in the Western part of Canada. That’s not something I would have ever guessed with cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver being out this way!

Anyway, here are some pictures from this past week to share!

I flew into Calagary from Vancouver and drove from there down to Lethbridge which is around 2 hours. On that drive you drive through a town called Nanton which is a Historical town. It has a Bomber museum there (I’m not sure if they built the Bombers there, or not) and there are a couple of Bombers mounted outside! It’s pretty cool.

When I arrived at my Hotel there was a bit of a mix up with the reservation, but they fixed it and made it right. When I got to my room I had to laugh at the sign that had my room # on it. Stop? or Welcome? Which is it??? :)

And this is the inside of my room, though it’s pretty dark, it’s still pretty nice. I love the big desk in the middle of the room!!

As I was driving through the little town where our customer is located (about 10 miles west of Lethbridge) I got stuck behind a train track. For like 15 minutes. I was bored, therefore you get this picture for your viewing pleasure!

On our first day at work here, we had lunch at Ric’s Grill in the Lethbridge Water Tower. About 10 years ago they stopped using the Water Tower and decided to convert it (the 2nd link has information on the conversion).

Here’s a picture from our window seating:

And finally, as I was driving around town yesterday after work, I saw the train going over the train trussle through the Valley here. Down below is a bunch of historical sites and trails. If it gets warmer and nicer I want to check it out next Saturday after work!

So far, that’s about it for this trip! Like I said, I want to check out some of the Historical stuff in regards to the mining and such, so hopefully next weekend I’ll have some time for that. Also, I’m driving to Calgary on Sunday to visit my good friend Vikki! I’m really looking forward to that!!

More later!! :)

Missouri Catch up!

Oops – I got a little behind and never posted the rest of my pictures from my February trip to Missouri!

So Jill came out and joined me for the last week of my trip in February! She had never traveled to a customer site away from home before so it was definitely a new experience for her! So much fun! :)

Work went really well and it was great having Jill there! We were scheduled to fly out on the following Saturday, but not until 6pm at night or something like that. So we had all day to kill. We went and found a local Archivers, which we hadn’t been to before as they aren’t Local where we live. We both ended up buying some things!! Definitely would go back again if I could.

Then we made our way down to downtown St. Louis and The Arch. We didn’t have time to actually go to the top of the Arch in the little Pods, but we got some pictures from the outside, and went down inside and went through the store and museum! I’ve been there before (almost 10 years ago now), but it’s still crazy being there. It’s HUGE.

Anywhere, here are some pictures to share!

And I’ll leave you with one more picture – that does require a little bit of explaination. We were working in Fulton, MO. This town is all about Winston Churchill. They have a restaurant named Sir Winston’s, which serves really good BBQ by the way. This restaurant even has a huge cutout of Winston on their wall. It’s a little odd. Apparently Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech at the University there, as he was given an honorary degree. Interesting stuff! Anyway, this is the front of their menu! I thought it was appropriate!