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Hawai’i Scrapbook – Hanauma Bay

Well – over the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to work on my Hawai’i Scrapbook (you know, from my October 2008 vacation – oops). And guess what? I finally finished it! w00t! To be fair I do still have some journaling to finish on the last 10 or so pages, but I did all my jouraling on the computer for this scrapbook, so I’m just going to have to sit down and take the time to finish all that out!

I realized as I was going through the pictures I took before I left that I thought I had already shared the Luau pictures, but had only actually shared one of those pages. I’ll have to take pictures of those when I get home though!

So for today I’m going to skip to the snorkeling pictures! We went to Hanauma Bay early one morning for snorkeling. Melissa had never been snorkeling before, so we were looking forward to it. While the breeze was up, and it wasn’t the perfect day to snorkel, we still had fun and it was totally worth going to the Preserve!

The pictures aren’t the best, but I was in a hurry! LOL

This is a picture of Melissa! And then some of the fish we saw – it was pretty murky cause of the wind and rougher water.

And finally this last picture when we were leaving. You can see in the top left picture the hill that we walked down to get to the Bay, well, we decided we weren’t walking up it! We took the handy-dandy Tram ride up! Overall it was a great day!

Pearl Shopping Wears a Girl Out!

Here’s another page from my Hawai’i book!

And it’s true, shopping really does wear you out! After we all spent way more money at the Pearl Factor than we had intended, we walked over to the Tree House Cafe and had some fruit smoothies! They were yummy!

This layout is just a really simple layout. I decided to keep it for the most part simple with this book.

When I was in Hawai’i my goal was to find something scrapbook related that you could only get in Hawai’i! Well – it was harder than I thought it would be. Wherever I saw scrapbooking stuff, most of it was stuff you could get back on the Mainland! BUT, I did find these buttons that were made out of coconuts! They are so pretty – I took a close up picture of them!



I’m 3 for 3 Amanda! ;)

Anyway, this page is of the first/second day that I was on the Island. I spent the first night there by myself as Melissa and Terri weren’t coming in until late the next day! I pretty much just hung out, found the Wal-Mart, found a Scrapbook Store (!!!) and headed the 1 block down to the Beach and got some great shots! My favorite part of this layout is the line of pictures on down the right side of the page! I really love how it turned out!


More Hawai’i …

Since I’m going to be posting more, I decided to play with my theme a bit. I don’t know if this is the “final” one for awhile, but I probably won’t play with it again until this weekend.

Here’s another Hawai’i scrapbook page. This is the Luau we went to at Paradise Cove. It was sooo worth it, and we had a BLAST! We spent several hours at the actual Cove, plus it included a bus ride there and back! Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves, and the show was great. Enjoy!

PS – Amanda, I’m 2 for 2! ;)

A Deal with the Devil!

Well – I was forced to make a deal with the Devil today – for those of you who don’t know – that’s Amanda!

We finally talked her into going to the DJ’s Fall Retreat – in exchange, I’ve promised to post at least once a week to the good ole’ blog here!

So, some new things for me. I’m in the process of getting a new tattoo. Most of the outlining is done, but all the coloring and shading is left to go. It’s an addition to the sunflower I have on my right ankle already, and goes down onto my foot. I would highly recommend NEVER getting a foot tattoo, unless you have a really high tolerance for pain. I don’t, and about 5 minutes in was ready to give up – of course, now I don’t have that choice. Anyway, it looks really good so far, and I know it’ll look good when it’s done! We’re going to work on it again in a couple of weeks – maybe finish it. We can only hope anyway!

I turned 34 on June 28th. I started my own little Project 365 that day and will continue to take a picture a day until June 28th, 2010 – my 35th Birthday. I’m calling it my Journey to 35! I’m still playing with the layouts some, so once I have it more concrete I’ll post some of that too.

So for some art I figured I would start with some pages from my Hawai’i scrapbook. I’m surprisingly close to being done with that scrapbook and I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out to boot!

This was Melissa, Terri and I at the Pearl Factory booth at the International Market Place in Waikiki! Needless to say, we all walked out of there much poorer! But with some GORGEOUS jewelry!

Enjoy! (Click image to bigify)! :)