Cross Stitch Update

It’s been a few days.

I’ve found that when I’m at home on a break from work I tend to hibernate. And that’s not a bad thing! I like being at home. It’s nice. I got together with some girlfriends one night and we just worked on whatever we wanted – I worked on scrapbooking. I’m really close to being done with my Hawai’i 2008 scrapbook and I’d like to finish it hopefully the next time I’m home. I’ll post some of those pictures when I get home again – I didn’t take pictures of my completed pages.

I did finally deliver my Grandmother’s Christmas presant to her last week when I was off. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and headed over to Quincy and Tri-Cities for a couple of days last week.

I stitched and framed this for her:

She quite enjoyed it, which is nice.

I’ve moved on to a new stitching project. This one isn’t a gift for my Grandmother, but a gift for someone else. Here’s a peak at how far I’ve come on it:

This is the outside border and finished it will be around 13 inches square! I’ve commissioned my Dad to make a frame for it, so hopefully it’ll all be done LONG before Christmas! :)

I’m spending these days in Missouri, while it technically isn’t snowing right now, it’s cold as all heck (around 0 degrees last night). Luckily it’s supposed to warm up by Saturday and be in the 40′s and 50′s for hopefully the duration of my stay! Plus it’s going to be sunny, and apparently I could use the Vitamin D. More on that later though!

One last picture to share tonight, and then I’m off to bed. Last week when I was dropping into Sunland, I saw this beautiful eagle sitting on the ledge above the river! It might be a bit blurry since I took it on my cell phone at full zoom.


  1. Melissa Says:

    The piece for your grandmother turned out great! Hmmm, I’m intrigued by the other piece. I don’t remember you telling me your started something else. You’ll have to fill me in the next time we talk. :)

  2. Susan Says:

    Can’t wait to see your scrapbook pages! They are always so beautiful. Also love your cross stitched piece. That’s lovely!

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