2012 “forgotten” Finish

I finished this right after the New Year but didn’t post it because it was a gift for my Brother and SIL and they weren’t going to receive it for a month or so.

My SIL, Laura, was born and raised in Florence before moving to the US when she was 15 or 16. All her family still lives in Italy, besides her Mom, so she goes back as often as possible.

I found this kit by accident and decided it was perfect for them. Little did I know I would end up HATING it before it was all said and done. I didn’t track the hours on it, and wished I had. I estimate somewhere between 150-200 hours on this piece. The detail in the little pictures in the border was the worst of it.

That said, I love how it turned out. I just wouldn’t do one of these pieces again! LOL

And a close up of the detail:

One thought on “2012 “forgotten” Finish

  1. Wow, such intricate details. I can see why you ended up hating it but the effect and result is unbelievable. Beautiful stitching!


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