WIPocalypse Update #4

Phew – a little late. But here.

I made some progress on Hannah Beeby. This is as of 4/15/12. I’ve made more progress since then, but that’ll be for another update!

I also completed Round 2 of my Mirabilia Round Robin. This is Tanya’s RR, I stitched June Pearl Fairy:

And what it looks like so far:

I hope to have Hannah Beeby finished by my next Update. I’m also trying to keep myself from starting another new project (a HAED). *sigh*

2 thoughts on “WIPocalypse Update #4

  1. You’ve made wonderful progress on Hannah. Lovely RR square you’ve stitched. June Pearl Fairy is so pretty. Tanya’s RR looks amazing! I love the flower border she has stitched.


  2. Hello my name is Danielle and I am a big fan of millsandboon and you. Unfortunately I am hanvig a problem trying to find a book I read a couple of years ago as i cannot remember the author or the title. I was wondering if you would recognise the storyline. The main characters name is Bryony i believe, and at the beginning of the book she is at her home hanvig a party when she has an argument with her family and i think her fiance. there is a man at the party who she used to like, and after the argument he offers to drive her to his apartment she agrees but falls asleep in the car on the way for 4 hours then wakes up to find he has abducted herand is taking her to another house he has in another country. the only other thing i remember is that his mother cmmitted suicide when he was younger by stepping in front of a bus.I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you recognise the book . Thank You Again.

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