WIPocalypse Update #4

Phew – a little late. But here.

I made some progress on Hannah Beeby. This is as of 4/15/12. I’ve made more progress since then, but that’ll be for another update!

I also completed Round 2 of my Mirabilia Round Robin. This is Tanya’s RR, I stitched June Pearl Fairy:

And what it looks like so far:

I hope to have Hannah Beeby finished by my next Update. I’m also trying to keep myself from starting another new project (a HAED). *sigh*

One thought on “WIPocalypse Update #4

  1. You’ve made wonderful progress on Hannah. Lovely RR square you’ve stitched. June Pearl Fairy is so pretty. Tanya’s RR looks amazing! I love the flower border she has stitched.


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