I’m going to participate in WIPocalypse this year! It’s a SAL in the stitching community, to works towards getting your WIP pile decreased throughout the year.

I hesitated joining, as my list is not that long really, but was encouraged by Melissa to join, so I did!

I’ll be taking pictures and linking them later today of the current progress on each!

Current WIPS for 2012:
Magnolia Pixie – Mirabilia
Hannah Beeby – Timeless Designs
Mary Wigham
America, Land that we Love
My Lady Quaker

New Starts in 2012:
Moonlit Garden – Blackbird Designs
6 Fat Men – Lizzie Kate
Mirabilia Round Robin (8 rounds) at TWRRB
Letter T – Nora Corbett
LHN Ornie of the Month ornaments (22 total)

You can read more about the 2012 WIPocalypse here.

And here’s the crazy list of participants so far!!

I’ve spent a great deal of time organizing all of my Cross stitch supplies and making lists, etc.

I’m going to spend the time and do the same thing with my scrapbooking supplies. I need to make a list of WIPs there as well, and work to make progress on some of this stuff!

2 thoughts on “WIPocalypse

  1. Always good to see someone else joining in the fun! More blogs to read and WiPs to drool over :)

    I signed up for the WiPocalypse purely because I work best when I have a reason to get through my list.

    Mine is not huge either – similar in size to yours. I finished all but two of the pieces I intended to finish last year so I’ve only got four WiPs carrying over from 2011. I’m participating in the Crazy January Challenge this year, so that means adding another 15 WiPs to the list but there are only a couple of really big pieces there. I’m reasonably certain that I’ll make my goal of 12 finishes in 2012.

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